2019 Soybean
Performance Test Results

Note: Printed booklets will contain only the region summaries. If you would like individual locations printed, please send email with specific location requests and mailing address to wieboldw@missouri.edu. Of course, location data can always be printed directly from this web site.

Note: We are finished with harvest. We apologize for the delay in posting results. For soybean, we harvest all locations in a region and then assess results for indications of herbicide damage. We also visited each site and determined if signs of herbicide damage were visible. Once we are sure of data integrity, we will post. If herbicide damage affected results, then that location will not be posted. Again, we apologize this procedure takes to time complete, but ensures data quality for your use.

Note: Missouri farmers experienced unprecedented delays and prevented plantings this year. Unfortunately, we lost several locations because of weather. Numbers of soybean prevent planting were greatest for Mississippi, Carroll, New Madrid, St. Charles, and Chariton counties. Percentage of soybean intended acres that were prevented was greatest in St. Louis (41%), St Charles (40%), Ste. Genevieve (39%), Cole (26%), Carroll (24%) counties. We lost Blodgett, Craig (moved to Rock Port), Foley, part of Henrietta, Norborne, and Urich.

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North Region

Central Region

Southwest Region

  • Adrian, MO (Bates County): MG4 PDF | MG4 Excel
  • Garden City, MO (Cass County): MG4 PDF | MG4 Excel
  • Lamar, MO (Barton County): MG4 PDF | MG4 Excel

  • Region Means
    • Maturity Group 4: PDF | Excel
    • Note: Maturity Group 5 data from individual locations were not analyzed becasue the number of entered varieties was not sufficient. All data are presented in the following Region Means table.
    • Maturity Group 5: PDF | Excel

    Southeast Region

    Note: Our plots in the southeast region experienced more signs of post emergence herbicide effects than any of the other regions. We visited each location in late July to assess symptoms. We carefully reviewed rank order of varieties for yield at all locations. Data from Blodgett will not be presented or used in the region summary. We are confident that variety comparions are valid in the other four locations, although there were signs of leaf cupping at Portageville and Bloomfield.